The Slow Beauty Manifesto


Who doesn’t feel fragmented in today’s fast world?  We are perpetually in a state of constant distraction, and interruption by external impulses, some identifiable, knowable and anticipated, many unconscious and insidious.  Layers upon layers of to-do, to have, to be, and a bold forgetfulness of how to prioritize the experiences we value most, those which ultimately bring us face to face with the moments of meaning we longingly seek. 

This guidance away from 24/7 linear “staying” towards experiences of covenantal “living” we so desperately need isn’t dogmatic (you have a voice in what this will become), hierarchical (not a top down approach – this is ultimately and most importantly about collaboration), or ideological (this isn’t a prescribed set of beliefs – we are forming something iterative and always evolving). This is a fluid, emotive, and illuminating touch leading us compassionately towards the actualization of a nourishing, poetic and sustainable creative richness– every day.  From this heightened state of awareness we discover the inter-inclusion of a powerful and transformative equation:  Strength (emotional, mental, physical) plus loving-kindness equals beauty – slow, enlightened beauty. 

This Slow Beauty movement champions a long awaited and deeply needed communion – a communion of self with self. This movement is a march towards wholeness in direct response to a lifestyle that has become too fast.    

The Slow Beauty movement is the antithesis of the fast-paced world of the beauty industry that sells us quick fixes, immediate results and invasive options.  This outdated perspective has us racing against time, and fighting against aging.  The Slow Beauty philosophy, a balance between expansiveness and restriction - a middle way, explores the big ideas of growing young, the spiritualization of beauty, and practicing a renewed feminism, reframing our ideas and ideals about beauty.

The purpose of the Slow Beauty Blog is to slowly present engaging content and guidance on how to develop and live a Slow Beauty lifestyle as a daily practice. My hope is that the Slow Beauty movement, philosophy and the blog platform enjoin all of us to live wisely and creatively.  My hope is that we will have a global dialogue about the big ideas of this movement to uncover a deeper understanding of inner beauty, and identify the paths women and men are blazing to build bridges between our inner world and external reality, as well as discover insights to develop our collective vision for ourselves, our families and life itself.