Take the Slow Beauty Self Care Challenge! Here's how: 

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2. Using journaling, meditation, and self care techniques, explore the Roots, Engagement, and Expression of each theme in your own life. Three different posts for each week, one building on the other. Work and Vulnerability. Woohoo!!
3. @redridinghoodcollective is posting the theme and definition in her Instagram Stories each Tuesday. Write down your off the cuff, unedited, uncensored reaction or definition. Then check out her posts for ways to work deeper with it. Tuesday Post: Roots, Thursday Post: Engagement, Saturday Post: Expression
5. Be brave!! And share some of the thoughts and reactions you are having as you work deeper into loving yourself by tagging your posts with #28weeksofwonder@redridinghoodcollective and @shel.pink. Stand in your truth, bring light to your darkness, and inspire others by simply sharing your story.
6. That’s all folks! Let’s see what we can do for ourselves with a little time and a whole lot of curiosity.

- Shel Pink

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