WE are here to remind you (and us too) of the importance of slowing down every so often so you can reset, recharge, rebalance and recalibrate and get back out there again to make it happen. WE are Activists for Self-Care, because we know that we must care for our self in deep and meaningful ways in order to best care for others and life itself. 



You are the Love Story


My own wellness practice has taught me that when we bring our whole being into each moment, we have the infinite potential to heal, create, love, and be at peace. Slow beauty practices can help people find this place through courageous self-love and care.



I’m excited to announce SpaRitual’s first annual Slow Beauty awards to recognize thought-leaders and influencers that fueled the movement in 2016. It’s our intention to honor the influencers, thought-leaders and brands reflecting the principles of the Slow Beauty philosophy: self-care, natural beauty, positive body image and overall wellness.

2016 Slow Beauty Awards >



The Slow Beauty Manifesto

Who doesn’t feel fragmented in today’s fast world?  We are perpetually in a state of constant distraction, and interruption by external impulses, some identifiable, knowable and anticipated, many unconscious and insidious.  Layers upon layers of to-do, to have, to be, and a bold forgetfulness of how to prioritize the experiences we value most, those which ultimately bring us face to face with the moments of meaning we longingly seek. 

Slow Beauty Manifesto >